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Act Now! - See a current list of action items for protecting our river.

Donate - There are lots of ways to give to CRK! Find out how you can support CRK's programs.

Volunteer - Sign up as a CRK volunteer to help with our events, cleanups, and more.

Report a Problem - Seen something you think may impact or pollute our waterways? Tell CRK.

Take a Workshop - CRK offers workshops for citizens and business people. Learn more here.

eNews Sign-Up  - Add yourself to our RiverFLASH enews list, and get the latest on CRK events and action items.

Save the Hooch Campaign- SweetWater Brewery's annual campaign to raise funds for CRK's river patrol and water quality monitoring programs.  Learn how you can get invovled!

No Time To Waste! Use Water Wisely - Find ways to conserve water at home and in the work place.

Get Action Alerts - Sign up to receive action alerts from the Georgia Environmental Action Network

Shop with CRK - Buy CRK merchandise online or shop with one of our retail partners.

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