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"The trouble with water – and there is trouble with water – is that they aren’t making any more of it’.

- Marq de Villers, 2000. Water.


The Chattahoochee River is the most heavily used natural resource in Georgia.  North Georgia's recent drought has called attention to the finite reality of our water supply - and the need for responsible long-term plan to share this resource equitably among all those who depend upon it. 


In order to promote responsible water planning, CRK has worked to educate and influence policy-makers and others at the state level (see State Water Plan) and regionally (see Metro Water Planning District ). 


Click here to read the Georgia Riverkeepers’ letter to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division concerning their state resource assessments for surface water supply, groundwater supply, and water quality.


CRK is also an active member of the Georgia Water Coalition. In response to the Tri-State Water Conflict, CRK has also worked to foster better cooperation and coordination among non-governmental conservation and recreation organizations in the ACF and ACT Basins.


To learn more about what you can do to promote water efficiency and water conservation efforts, see Water Conservation.



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