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The Chattahoochee River serves nearly 4 million Georgians and 70 percent of metro Atlanta. Yet the area of our watershed north of Atlanta is the smallest to serve any metropolitan area in the country.  Given the size of our watershed and our growing population, we have no choice but to use this precious resource wisely if we are going to have enough clean water for now and the future.


CRK has educated thousands of citizens, students, business people and policy-makers about north Georgia's Water Crisis and how to be more efficient with our water usage through the PowerPoint presentation Tapped Out: The Dry Up of Atlanta. Schedule a presentation of Tapped Out by calling (404) 352-9828.

Fnd out what you can do to be more water efficient at home, at work , and in the garden through our No Time To Waste page. 

You can learn what local governments and businesses are doing to solve our water crisis by checking out our new report: Filling the Water Gap: Conservation Successes and Missed Opportunities in Metro Atlanta. This report outlines regional water conservation, energy efficiency, and sustainable land use practices which add up to real water savings, as much as 160 million gallons of water per day, the equivalent of four average-sized reservoirs, at a fraction of the cost.

However, as our report also indicates, much work needs to be done to secure a sustainable future. You can help by contacting your local and state leaders to advocate for more water conservation. Learn how by visiting our Act Now! page. Get up-to-date information on current advocacy opportunities by signing up for our RiverFLASH eblast.

Rain Barrel Workshops
Throughout the year, CRK works with our partners to conduct rain barrel workshops to show people how to use recycled 60-gallon syrup drums donated by the Coca-Cola Company to harvest rainwater. Click here for more details

For more information about our water conservation programs, contact Water Policy Director Laura Hartt at or call (404) 352-9828, ext. 15.

Tapped Out

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