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Apalachicola Doin' Time: A special look at the Tri-State Water Water in Florida, Georgia and Alabama
The audio version of the documentary Apalachicola Doin' Time, winner of the 2000 Edward R. Murrow award. This journey takes listeners to the community at the end of the drainpipe, so to speak: Apalachicola, a Florida seafood community that worries about being at the mercy of its northern water using neighbors. On this journey listeners can travel to the city's famous waterfront, hear about its history, and find out how it is affected by growth and the rapid development of ecotourism.


A collection of 12 songs by local artists to benefit Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, including performances by Matthew Kahler, Dede Vogt, and Caroline Aiken with Emily Saliers.


Waters to the Sea
This interactive CD/DVD takes the viewer on a virtual journey down the Chattahoochee River to the Gulf of Mexico, including river history, ecology & water quality. Great experience and learning tool for children and adults alike. Includes teachers guide.


Chattahoochee: To Fall in Love With a River
Created by Bob Selwyn, this 56-minute documentary follows 300 paddlers on their 2005 Paddle Georgia adventure. Content also focuses on the issues associated with the river - very educational and inspiring.


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