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We've had a tremendously successful year thanks to YOUR support and we hope you enjoy our 2014 By the Numbers video. We stopped sewage spills, water leaks and industrial pollution; we expanded our stream monitoring; and we taught kids how to protect the river, their drinking water source.

Please take a moment and reaffirm your commitment to Chattahoochee Riverkeeper this holiday season through:

  • Your year-end, tax-deductible donation
  • A gift of clean water for your family, friends and colleagues with a contribution in their name
  • A gift of stocks or bonds. A donation of appreciated securities from your investment portfolio is an excellent way to support CRK and receive double tax benefits.

A contribution to Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is a good investment. We continue to receive a 4-Star rating by Charity Navigator for seven consecutive years!

Visit the CRK Store this Holiday Season

Keena-close-upLooking for the perfect holiday gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life? Look no further than CRK's store for all of your holiday needs!

The Chattahoochee River User's Guide is the latest book in the Georgia River Network Guidebooks series and is available for $20. The guide book traces the 430 mile course of the river from its headwaters down to the Florida border where it becomes the Apalachicola River, and gives many little-known facts about the river.

You can also purchase our 20th Anniversary t-shirts for a limited-time only special discount price of $12 . And don't forget our ever popular long sleeve tees, as the chilly winter days continue. Long sleeve tees are $20 and are sure to sell out in the coming weeks!

Visit the CRK store page, or contact Keena Johnson at our Atlanta office with any questions.

Dirty Flow Shuts Down Construction Site

After the recent heavy rain, a construction site in Atlanta was shut-down when CRK staff reported violations that allowed a large volume of muddy water to flow into nearby waterways. The contractor had failed to install adequate best management practices.

Sediment carried by stormwater runoff from construction sites is as a leading source of non-point source pollution to streams, lakes and rivers throughout the state. When these sites do not install the proper controls to prevent muddy runoff, the impacts to local waterways can be devastating.

If you see muddy water flowing from a site, click HERE to report it!


Oily Asphalt Material Flows to River; CRK Goes to Court

Thanks to a citizen who contacted CRK’s Hotline, we learned that American Sealcoat Manufacturing, an asphalt manufacturing and distribution facility in Fulton County, has been discharging stormwater polluted with petroleum products and other chemicals into a stream less than 1,000 feet from the Chattahoochee River.

Oily Asphalt Material Flowing to River from American Sealcoat from CRK-TV on Vimeo.

Despite our repeated offers to work amicably with the facility owners to bring them into compliance with clean water laws, our efforts were rejected. 

During a follow-up site visit, we found the facility discharging oily asphalt sealing material directly into a tributary to the river. (Click here to see video.) We notified  the Georgia Environmental Protection Division which conducted an inspection the next day and has initiated an enforcement action.

On July 30, CRK filed a complaint and petition for injunctive relief in federal district court against American Sealcoat. Our goal is to bring this facility into compliance with the law by installing best management practices to reduce polluted stormwater runoff and removing all asphalt materials deposited downstream of the facility.

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